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Tavlis Technology

Tavlis Technology

Technology News

LifeTrac – Mobile GPS Medical Alert & Family Response System

Finally a Medical Alert System for people who don’t have land lines or on the move. Your family will have peace of mind knowing they will be alerted if you need help.

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New Era comes with New Processor Technologies

Last week, Intel introduced to the public in Russia and other CIS countries a family of processors Intel Xeon E5-2600. They are more powerful and reliable and, importantly, are very economical in terms of energy consumption. Their presence opens a new era in the field of IT technologies and means that the cloud technology is getting closer.

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Dummy Security Cameras: Effective Low Cost Burglar Deterrent

A security camera provides safety to your home or business. It also helps in identification of criminals. But many money-conscious people do not want to buy a security camera as they consider it as an unexpected expenditure. Buying a fake or dummy camera is a good option for such people. Dummy cameras are used to fool intruders or general watchers as these cameras look like a real security camera. Dummy cameras are cheaper than real security cameras. You can get a dummy camera in half the cost than of a real camera. Fake cameras can work as good as real camera. But for the places, where security is most important such as banks, stock exchange, gas station, and malls, you should not rely them.

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How to Compare Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems are becoming increasingly important to home owners as the occurrence of home invasions continues to rise. Burglar alarm systems provide homeowners with a bit of security in that they help notify them of possible intruders that could pose danger to them or their families. Numerous burglar alarm systems exist on the market, necessitating the need for comparison when considering purchasing one to ensure that you select the one that best suits your home's needs.

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