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Tavlis Technology

Tavlis Technology

Automation Department

Tavlis Technology (TT) Automation Department was founded for bring automation and integrated security systems and solutions to the market in İzmir, Türkiye...

IT Department

IT services include, but are not limited to computer system design, configuration, sales, service and ongoing support ...

Project Department

Tavlis helps you standardized all of your automation and IT projects by specialist project engineers...

Tvl Plus

Tvl Plus is a special strategic brand management & marketing consultant whose purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their marketing and business development objectives ...

About Our Company

Business Problems – Solved with Business Thinking and Technology Expertise

We help our clients leverage technology to get their businesses moving. But with us, it’s not just about the technology. Our team has the experience to understand that successful engagements first require the time and thinking to understand clients’ business needs, and only then do you map appropriate technology solutions. It’s this approach that helps us to solve our clients’ complex business challenges that can often cost companies precious time, resources, and money.

With a focus on Automation Systems, Security Solutions, Information Technologies and Projects , Tavlis’s experienced team takes the time to understand our clients’ business needs and offers several ways to work together, including on site, field teams, and in our corporate development center.


To flourish through entrepreneurial spirit and to contribute to the technology community by offering honest, objective and valuable technology staffing services recognized for superior candidate attention, committed employees and the development of long-term, trusted relationships.


To build a sustainable recruiting brand large enough to impact the industry by raising the bar to which recruiting firms will be held accountable for in business ethics, communication, honesty, integrity and results.

Our Values


Your trust in our service is critical. We vow to always uphold the integrity of your search by representing your talents, goals and objectives in the way you want them to be. Furthermore, it is also our duty to uphold the integrity of the industry and art of recruiting which is why our staffing solutions follow a well strategized process to achieve maximum results.


Simply put, our business doesn’t know how to exist any other way. Expect to engage with sincere people that have a passion for serving you and an honest approach to finding your best-fit opportunity or candidate match.

Business Ethics

At Tavlis we believe in above-board business operations and running our recruiting desks with the highest code of ethics. Our employees are trained and made aware of our stance on the importance of business ethics which is then in turn displayed to both our candidates and clients.


We know there is more to you and your search than the words in your resume or job description. To uncover those details we take a communicative approach that puts us in daily communication during each of phase of the search lifecycle. Furthermore, we have found that having a personal connection with our candidates and clients has enabled us to recruit for the individual, opposed to just a resume or job description.


Your results matter! Every day we work as hard as we can to make new connections and contacts to keep our recruiters fresh and current with the marketplace. We want our candidates to hear about the latest open jobs first, and our clients to be introduced to the hot new talent as soon as they hit the market. We are a staffing company that is always moving forward with a determination to show you the results your search demands.

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Academy Membership

Join the Tavlis Academy today! Take place in various kind of educational programs, after completing your membership.

Tavlis Academy

Tavlis Academy is an international, nonprofit membership organization working to advance brand management, marketing consultancy, web-based programing and design knowledge, and increase the number of scientifically informed univercity students in sector.

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