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Tavlis Technology

Australian Trade Commission

Tavlis Technology IT Department

Tavlis Technology IT Department is a customer centric organisation that provides IT services to companies. These IT services include, but are not limited to computer system design, configuration, sales, service and ongoing support.

The company is staffed by five skilled IT professionals with combined experience of nearly ten years. This enables Corporate Computer Systems to provide IT support to a wide range of business types such as those within the financial, construction, manufacturing, medical, logistical, hospitality, marine, professional, rural, educational, legal and retail sectors.

This depth of experience allows the staff to continually tune their skills and abilities in a wide range of computing environments. Furthermore the company has advanced knowledge of multisite computing environments and has designed and implemented numerous head office/branch office computer systems.

Corporate Computer Systems specialises in the design and management of remote computer systems.

Corporate Computer Systems staff members have a high degree of knowledge in all flavours of Windows as well as all versions of Microsoft Office. With respect to email and groupware the company has installed and configured many different mail systems including Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Domino/Lotus Notes. We also have experience in Netware and Linux.

Detailed Services

TT IT Department is entirely focussed on providing excellent IT outcomes for businesses that outsource their computing requirements.

We deliver innovative and tailored solutions to serve your business needs. Our consultants design technology solutions that empower your IT strategy, organization, business, and technology processes. Our consultants also enable you to meet your project deadlines and programs, on time and on budget.

What we can do right now


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